Does theme matter?

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How gossiping makes you a good friend.  #deviousmaids

When I first started reading books on the craft of writing, theme seemed to be a distant concept to consider once the first draft was written and you could contemplate what your story really is trying to convey underneath all the plot and characterization.

For years I’ve put theme on a shelf like a pretty ornament to be looked at and dusted off once in awhile.

But, as I continue to struggle pulling my stories together I’m finding that for me, theme has become a concept that needs to be addressed up front. What is my story really about?

Oh, I’ve done my outlining and character development, leaving plenty of room to allow a new character to pop up from under the covers or the exploration of a different subplot that pulls my characters in interesting directions. But no matter how much I think I’m writing ‘my story‘ somehow I don’t seem to tell the story in the way my mind feels it.

What I’ve concluded is that I need to know the theme of my novel before I start writing. What is my story really about? What pulls everything together and makes all the characters act the way they do so that together the story not only makes sense, but feels the way it should?

I need to go and explore themes.

I find it very interesting that a blog I’m following is doing just that. You may want to check it out too:

Happy writing!


1 thought on “Does theme matter?

  1. Good thoughts Karalee. Theme can be elusive, but when you read a book that has integrated it seamlessly, you really know it. It’s powerful!

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