Being a published author can come true

Karalee’s Post #79

Joe’s post last week hit the nail on the head for me. 12 steps to creating a great book. It’s a list I should have in front of me and review frequently.

It also got me thinking about how much multi-tasking is going on while we create our stories. Every time characters are on scene, every word they say or think, the setting, the subtext and subplot are also on stage and must flow seamlessly together to make a whole out of a whack of separate pieces.

Sometimes the task seems too daunting. Then along comes a success story from a fellow writer and a friend, Judy McFarlane. I met her five years ago on the dragonboat team I used to row with. Three years ago we trekked together to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal.

She writes non-fiction. I write fiction.

But as writers we both had the same self-doubts whether we can write a story good enough to be published.

My congratulations go to Judy and Grace!

In April 2014 Judy had her first book published and together Judy and Grace had a book launch in Vancouver.

Judy’s book is Writing with Grace: A Journey beyond Down Syndrome (available from Amazon) It’s her story about her journey in her writing life, how she faced her own fears and worked with a motivated young woman with Down Syndrome to help her write and achieve her own goal to be a writer. They worked together, learned from one another, and are now both published authors.

Grace Chen’s book is called Cinderella-Grace Vancouver Princess and is also available on Amazon. Her book goes beyond the typical Cinderella story and is a wonderful personal achievement.

Although every writer’s journey is unique, we also share many similarities no matter from what perspective we write from. And yes, having one’s book published is validation for all the hard work and the effort to push through the fears and doubts.

Congratulations to you both!

Happy writing!

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