School’s out (for at least awhile longer)

Paula’s Post  #82 – I don’t know where your calendar year starts, but after an extraordinary number of years spent pursing a formal education (including two years in kindergarten, courtesy of my mother, who thought the extra year might contribute to my maturity level – sheesh!) the only true start of the year, for me, is the day after Labour Day.

That is why today’s post is no more than a promise of things to come,. For me, summer is still in full flight in our beautiful corner of Canada’s SouthWest (also known to our US friends as the ‘Pacific NorthWest’). As my 5writer colleague Helga posted, our summer weather is some of the best in the world: blue skies, low humidity, moderate temperatures.

Some of my fellow 5writers have, despite these temptations, made admirable efforts to keep their nose to the proverbial grindstone. I admit that I, too, had high hopes of putting up a proper post today. But the truth is that my life, as usual, is a hectic cornucopia of summer fun, topped by the arrival of two of my baby grandchildren, from a family that live far, far away and the children we have not seen near enough of.

So, not much to contribute other than to say:

1) I nominate my husband as ‘World’s Best Grand-Daddy for letting his two-year old grand-daughter give him a ‘Man-i-cure’ with her Crayola markers;

2) Holding your baby grandson in your arms for the first time ranks right up there on the top ten of my bucket list!

3) I’ll write when it starts to rain again, or after Labour Day, whichever first occurs. Until then, you’ll find me on the beach with my kayaks… and my grandchildren.


GrandDaddy Manicure 2




2 thoughts on “School’s out (for at least awhile longer)

  1. Great pic, Paula! The world needs more artists, and it looks like we have a good one in the making! Enjoy the grandkids and the remaining lazy days of summer.

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