Six reasons why writing isn’t a chore

Karalee’s Post #85

The word chore is defined as a small or odd job; the everyday work around a house or farm; or a hard or unpleasant task.



To me, housework falls into the chore category.

And as the years go by, cooking is becoming more of a chore too.




But not writing. Why?

  1. First off, writing is fun. I can safely say, a heck of a lot more fun than chores.
  2. Making up stories is pretty cool. What’s in my head can be completely off-the-wall, absurd, neurotic, scary, criminal, embarrassing, nonsensical, hilarious or anything in-between. That’s hugely entertaining to me and selfishly all mine. Chores definitely don’t fit in this category.
  3. I choose what to put down onto paper and that is satisfying in itself. Chores can be satisfying but are usually on the “have to do” list.
  4. Writing is not a small job, albeit it can be an odd job. Chores are often a collection of smaller jobs that can take up hours of time, but beyond a doubt, to complete a novel is a huge job and often take months or years.
  5. Although writing is difficult, it is not an unpleasant task to me.
  6. The process of writing – having story ideas, observing the world, asking “what if,” organizing story lines, and creating the story itself are pleasant activities and where my mind goes even while doing my chores, and is where I’d rather be.

The next time I feel frustrated at not making progress in my story or feeling stuck for whatever reason, I can put the moment in perspective and be grateful I’m writing and not doing chores.

How about you?

Happy writing!

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