Thoughts on my 100-post milestone

toastSilk’s Post #100 — This is the 100th time I’ve sat down to write a post for this blog. Who knew it would ever go this far or last this long? I certainly didn’t.

I wrote my first post – “The getting started brainfreeze” – 9 days short of two years ago, on September 17, 2012. While there are, no doubt, still some ice crystals lurking in my gray matter, I’d have to say we’ve all come a long way since then.

We began the 5writers5novels5months blog to create interest in our crazy challenge to each write a novel in five months. We needed the encouragement – a wee cheering section – and I guess we also thought that publicly declaring our intentions would keep the pressure on us to follow through. Also, as “emerging” writers we really needed to learn how to blog.

But those 5 months have come and gone, and here we still are.

For the most part, we accomplished our original objectives (even if not all five novels were finished on deadline), but along the way we also found other rewards to blogging. Like building our community of more than 1,600 followers, getting comments and encouragement from writing friends we’ve never met in person, sharing experiences and advice with people who face the same challenges we do, and finding other great writing blogs to follow.

Of course, some of the 5writers enjoy blogging more than others, and it’s fair to say that every one of us has, at some point, groaned audibly when looking at the calendar and realizing it was our day to post … right in the middle of a flight somewhere, or a real estate deal, or a household move, or a sailing adventure, or a kids’ hockey practice, or any number of other activities.

A common concern is that writing the blog takes time away from writing our books. It’s true that there’s only so much time available. Not only do we all lead busy lives, but each of us has struggled to make the time and sustain the drive to finish our novels, not just to first draft, but all the way through rewrites to a polished version. Never mind the scarier step of seriously marketing ourselves to become published authors. Would the time “lost” to blogging otherwise really be spent on novel-writing? That’s a great question I have no sure answer for (though my inner skeptic just rolled her eyes).

And still, we’ve persisted with the blog.

But we all feel the need to create a new chapter in our 5writers story.

In three weeks, the five of us will meet over a couple of days to discuss the launch of a new challenge. I’ll take a marketing note from the masters of the modern launch, Apple … “wish we could say more”. But it’s fair to expect our next chapter as a writers group to re-invigorate and shape the direction of this blog.

In the meantime, I’m going to celebrate my 100th post tonight with the person who’s had to put up with my whining and bitching … put up with the many times I’ve dragged myself away from the blog after finally clicking “publish” and staggered off to bed at 3:00 am (usually waking him) … and put up with my frustration that after more than two years of fitful effort, and a lot of talk, I still don’t have one novel really ready to pitch or publish. That, of course, would be my dear husband.

Thanks to him. Thanks to my cherished 5writer friends. And thanks to all of you who take the time to read our scribbles online.

I toast you in 15 languages …

Okole maluna!
Cin cin!
A votre santé!
Gan bei!
Oogy wawa!



3 thoughts on “Thoughts on my 100-post milestone

  1. Congrats are definitely in order, Silk! Even though I am one of the ‘clan’, I feel entitled to say this: I have enjoyed every one of your 100 posts, and have learned much from you. Thank you!

    • Thank you Helga, and right back at you! Life is for learning, and I’m so enjoying the whole learning experience we’re sharing. Looking forward to the next chapter!

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