Period of Adjustment

Paula’s Post # _______ (fill in the blank: either 89 or 99)

Yes, ‘Paula’s Post # 89 or 99.

Depressingly, I’ve just discovered that somewhere between October and November, I ‘leaped a deca-place and numbered my posts: 86 … 97… 98…


So while yes, this post does follow my post number 98, I fear that it is, in reality, merely post #89. But that poses a problem.

We’re in cyber space. If I just sensibly revert back and change my previous posts back to the proper sequence… 86, 87, 88, 89… how do I cope with all those places my post is already up as post #97, or #98?


We Facebook, we twitter, we tweet, we Linkedin.

Hopeless. Changing the numbers back is akin to shutting the barn door on the horse.

But start over, I fear I must, and start over I shall, because, mea culpa, in my excitement to reach a hundred posts, I ended up getting a little carried away with myself and making a great leap forward.

So, back to post #89.

And that brings me to my second conundrum. I want to keep up my blogging, really I do. But if you read Silk’s post from yesterday, you’ll know that even our uber productive Silk is finding herself confronted by too many distractions, (seasonal and otherwise). The calendar has flipped to December, and none of us, (save except perhaps Karalee) have made the kind of progress we’d hoped for.

This requires some soul-searching. More than that, this requires some adjustments.

So, I’m adjusting.

As of this minute, I’m switching off the internet, I’m switching off the TV. I’m returning to reading in the evening and writing in the evening.

I don’t know how this will work out.

My days have been so hectic, I don’t know if I I’ll have the energy to produce as an ‘evening writer’, at this point in my career. I used to love to write late at night, but somehow, my biorhythms seem to have changed here in the desert. But I’ve got to try something. Like Silk, as she so astutely pointed out in her post of yesterday, 12th Month Muse:¬†December 1st has caught me by surprise.





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