Why you should publish that book in 2015

Paula’s Post #93

It is almost New Year’s Eve and I’m off for a night out with the family, at Pizzetta in Old Koloa Town. Since it is not very nice to keep four year old’s waiting, (there are consequences, or so I’ve learned) today’s post will be short.

Really, it’s all about a photo. One single photo, that caused me to stop and think.

So, as we say good-bye to 2014 and move into 2015, I hope all of you who have written a book, or are writing a book, or even hope to write a book, will take a good long look at the world of traditional publishing, and decide if it is still the only option for you.

Perhaps it is. On the other hand, perhaps it is time to take a look at indie and digital publishing, as we 5writers are now doing.

Take a look at the photo below.

I snapped this with my iPad at the Palm Springs airport back in September of this year, on my way back from a conference in Miami. When we arrived at PSP it was about 109F (no, I’m not exaggerating). To make matters worse,  the airport is ‘open air’,

But I saw this book display rack and pulled up cold. Ok, maybe not cold, but short. Yeah, much better – I pulled up short, struck by the list of all too familiar names in fiction.



Yes, that was my reaction when I saw this collection on offer.

You should be able to read the names for yourself, even with the heat waves shimmering through the window of the shop, highlighting their shiny paper covers. I’m sorry the photo isn’t a bit better, I was juggling my purse, iPad and luggage to get this photo, but you get the idea.

So did I. I really don’t think traditional publishing is the place for me. Not now. Maybe not ever.

Am I disappointed about this? Strangely, no. I actually found it somewhat liberating to see this display. One of those moments you see, with vivid clarity, that it is time to change tack.

That was my reaction. I’m interested in yours.

Happy New Year.

7 thoughts on “Why you should publish that book in 2015

  1. hanks Paula, and Happy New Year to you and your family. I have been entertained by the discussions pro and con for some time. My book is approaching “done” and will be finished this year, ready to publish. I am listening to the arguments for and about ebooks, indie pubs, and others, and have not yet made up my mind, so I am taking in all of the arguments. Each decision charts a course, and I don’t have to decide yet, so the discussion in really helpful for me.

  2. Hi Judith, Thank you for your comment and thank you for following our blog. Don’t know how long you’ve been following the 5writers, but if you look back a few months, you’ll see that we’ve been talking about indie and self-publishing for the last few months. As a group, I don’t think any of us have ‘given up’ on independent publishing (I’ll let my other 5writers comment on that one though). At the same time, we’ve all come to the realization that the landscaped has so changed since most of us started writing a few years ago now. What used to be considered the ‘kiss of death’ or ‘vanity publishing’ is just no longer so. It’s an interesting debate, and one that is not over, but it is clear publishing is evolving and that the ‘P’ word no longer remains the exclusive preserve of the traditional agents and publishing houses. Happy to hear your thoughts. We hope you’ll check back in and let us know how your decision-making is coming along and good luck with that book!

    Cheers and Happy New Year,

  3. Awaiting a decision from a small publishing house, not sure what I’ll do if they decline. I have a good story, but now realize that the way I tell it isn’t the conventional way to draw readers in quickly. I also now realize that the kinds of stories I want to tell can’t be encapsulated in a quick pitch or a dust jacket, so the question of how to publish only gets raised after I work out my own way of telling a complex and layered story. Thanks, Paula, because just writing those sentences gave me a better perspective on things.

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  5. Thanks Paula. It’s often those moments that catch us unaware that allow an epiphany to happen and clarity comes from the muck that was swirling around. Publishing now is a different ball game than a few years ago. But hey, you gotta like new games!

  6. Great insights, Paula. Regardless of what road we will take to publish our books, the choices that are available to writers today are hugely empowering. Surely it will encourage many to start writing that first book.

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