New Year’s resolutions for one writer

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IMG_0274I was going to look back at 2014 and see what I accomplished. As a person, I accomplished a ton, including moving into a new house, being adopted by a new family and surviving our first family trip (to San Diego and Legoland).

But as a writer, well, you know what, I need to do better.

So what better way to start than with a new year than some good ol’ fashioned resolutions?

But how to start? What to do?

Silk’s list on the subject was impressive and extensive. I even checked out her links. Paula hit the nail on the head about being present and more deliberate in life.

But for all of us, I think it’s going to be personal to us, to who we are as people (or aliens), and as writers.

So here is what I decided upon. This is my writing list, not to be confused with my personal list that includes things like eating more steak, watching more TV and becoming the best Halo guy in the universe.

You will NOT defeat me!

1) I will work on making this blog better. Things like organizing the categories and adding guest bloggers and finding a way to link things to other people’s blogs (and books).

2) I will write every day. Yup, you heard me. It’s doable and it may not be for 8 hours, but I will not go to bed until I have written something. A blog. A short story. Another page or 10 on my novel.

3) I will read more. I already recognized how far I’d fallen off this bandwagon late last year. Like Monday or something. I’ve got a good load of books. I will make time to read them, and I will begin to learn from the best.

4) I will get a novel done this year. I would say 2, but let’s go for one since I somehow managed to get exactly 0 novels written last year.

5) Lastly, I will get my stuff out there, again. I took a real beating in the rejection area (which is like getting kicked in the nuts repeatedly,) but the true measure of a writer has to be not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up. I need to get up more, brush myself off, ice my nuts, and get back in the game.

I’ll still keep the weekly updates cuz, wells, they’re fun. I’ll keep blogging about all things writerly that excite me, cuz, you know, that’s fun, too. And I’ll help all my writer friends achieve their goals.

If I can do all of that, I’ll have a great year.


Best show last week – The Hobbit Part 12 or whatever. Ok, it was a bit indulgent, but it made me laugh, it made me cry and it had an epic battle that lasted for pretty much 2 hours. What more could a nerdy guy like me want?

Book that I’m reading at the moment – In The Shadow of the Cathedral, by Titia Bozuwa. Almost done.

Pages written on new book  25 (nothing on the book from the 25th to now, but I’ll get back on track).

Social Media update – You can never ever figure out what’ll get a lot of hits or likes or comments. Like any writing, it’s subjective.

Health Everyone in the house has a cold at the moment. Will I be next? It’s one nasty-ass cold, too, so let’s hope I stay healthy.

Best thing last week  Had amazing dinners with friends and family (including 19 people at our house, a turkey dinner in Victoria, and my best friend cooking a 12 course meal!) I am officially fatter.

Worst thing  You know what? Nothing. It was a great week and I am thankful for all the wonderful people in my life.

The BEST book he's written so far IMHO.

Writer Help – Please check out Sean Slater’s latest book, The Unforgiven, a fast-paced thriller written by one of the best out there.

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4 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions for one writer

  1. After being rejected by LooseId publishing because my historical fiction about prostitutes in the Old West was not ‘Romance Enough’, I have decided to write a Romance novel this year. I have never written a Romance and don’t generally read them, but going to give it a try.

  2. I like your goals for 2015 Joe. It makes it more real and more of a commitment too when you write them down where others can see them. Our group will hold you to them! Have a great year.

  3. Joe, your plans sound logical and responsible, just don’t forget to stray from them once in a while when inspiration hits. Your posts last year were thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to reading your new posts.

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