Do you need to make a resolution to write?

Karalee’s Post #99

Our 5Writer’s group is resetting their compasses to point to the directions each one of us desires to take in 2015. Of course we are all writers, so when I gave my resolutions a quick thought (I’m not one to make resolutions on January 1st just because it is January 1st) one of the first ideas that came to mind was “I will make a resolution to write.”

Last year was an okay year for my writing productivity, but the mere thought that a writer would think about making a resolution to write struck me as odd. Writers write, so either you are a writer or you aren’t. But hey, that’s not reality either. There are as many reasons that can stop a writer from writing as there are writers.

So in fact, that isn’t the statement that is really meant by that resolution. It’s like subtext in writing itself. What is underlying the resolution to write? I think the question should be, “What is stopping me from writing?”

Silk’s last post clarified many of the reasons writers get stalled from following their passion. The post is worth another read.

What helped me last year was setting a daily writing time commitment of 3 hours where I sat in my office without social media interruption and took care of my writing needs. If I didn’t write per se, I was thinking about my story, the characters, the plot, climax, and all the wonderful “what if’s” that spur one’s imagination.

This year I won’t resolve to write since I know that is already happening, but to enhance my skills I commit to do the following activities:

1. Read more.

It’s great to have some fun things on my To Do List! You may want to set a reading commitment with a reading challenge like below.

reading committment

2. Enter more Short Story contests. I like writing short stories and this is a great way to keep developing my skills with characters, plot and settings. Writer’s Digest has many contests throughout the year. You may want to check them out too.

short story committment

3. Journal and complete one exercise daily in the book my wonderful family got for me.

writing book 642 ideas









4. Writing is a wonderful privilege and being mindful and grateful will continue to keep it that way.










What are your writing plans?

Have a great 2015.

Happy writing!

3 thoughts on “Do you need to make a resolution to write?

  1. Really Karalee I’d just like to get the next blog post written. With all the holiday celebrations and family gatherings it’s been ages! I’m looking forward to a quiet January with time to catch up.
    Happy New Year to you and all your family!

  2. These are beautifully considered resolutions, Karalee — may you enjoy accomplishing all of them! The gratitude one really matters. It keeps our feet on the ground. And may we all resolve to write — though it seems so elementary. Onward!

  3. I’m aiming for at least a completed first draft of the current WIP. And, as you’ve seen, that means a break from posting on the blog. I think it’s the only way I can make the progress I want. So here’s to 2015 being a year where we meet our personal writing goals and challenges!

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