Writing blog post 101

Karalee’s Post #101

I thought I’d have a bit of fun with the number 101.

In Wikipedia there’s a heading under 101 for both books and education:


  • According to Books in Print, more books are now published with a title that begins with ‘101’ than ‘100’. They usually describe or discuss a list of items, such as 101 Ways to… or101 Questions and Answers About… . This marketing tool is used to imply that the customer is given a little extra information beyond books that include only 100 items. Some books have taken this marketing scheme even further with titles that begin with ‘102’, ‘103’, or ‘1001’. The number is used in this context as a slang term when referring to “a 101 document” what is usually referred to as a statistical survey or overview of some topic.
  • Room 101 is a torture chamber in the novel Nineteen Eighty-four  by George Orwell.
  • Creative Writing 101 by Raymond Carver, “A writer’s values and craft. This was what the man (John Gardner) taught and what he stood for.


  • In American university course numbering systems, the number 101 is often used for an introductory course at a beginner’s level in a department’s subject area. This common numbering system was designed to make transfer between colleges easier. In theory, any numbered course in one academic institution should bring a student to the same standard as a similarly numbered course at other institutions.
  • Based on this usage, the term “101” has been extended to mean an introductory level of learning or a collection of introductory materials to a topic.


Most of us are familiar with the number 101 being used as a serious marketing tool to catch a reader’s eye and promise that a book has ‘101 somethings’ important to tell us about. The number is also thrown around a lot as slang, often in humorous or sarcastic ways. Even I can make stuff up and you would understand it’s intent:

  • 101 ways to catch flies while sleeping
  • How to drive your mother crazy 101
  • The last 101 roads to Rome
  • 101 T-shirts not to wear before you die
  • How to survive 101 days with your dog on holidays
  • 101 songs your grandma taught you and you forgot
  • 101 ways to tie your shoelaces
  • Eat chocolate anonymously 101

I must admit that the number 101 sings to me a bit. I’ve taken many 101 level courses at university. So have my children and their significant others. To me the number 101 is synonymous to learning something new; the beginning of understanding a topic. This got me thinking about how I can use this number to help me in my writing.

What can I try that is new and will add to my growing knowledge of ‘How to Write A Great Story?’

In my last post (#100) I said that writers are counters, they are organized, creative and driven. So, taking all of these into account, what I’ve decided to challenge myself with 101 times this year, is to look at the world from different perspectives through picture taking. I don’t have a GoPro (which gives an awesome perspective!) so my pictures will be mostly on my iPhone as I’m out and about.

I’m excited that this simple task, this ‘Looking at Perspective 101’ will encourage me to be mindful of the world as I walk, run, bike, hike, drive and sail through it!

Of course, I need to remember to take my iPhone wherever I go so I don’t miss the moments.

Here are a couple so far:


















Happy Writing!

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