Emotions are a writer’s best friend

Karalee’s Post #109

Lately I feel pulled and stretched in many directions. This year has started off at a sprint and not slowed down.

It’s good really. Fourteen years ago I left private practice when I sold my physiotherapy clinic. At that time my youngest was five years old and I’ve dedicated my time and energy since in raising my three children.

The experience has been amazing, but the baton has been passed and all three are now legally adults. Now it is me time.

Except my daughter is getting married this summer.

Except my middle son is graduating from university.

I want to celebrate all these special times with the family, continue to write, and oh, did I mention I’ve decided to join with a company and start a home-based business? I never thought I would go back into business of any kind. I’ve been pulled in that direction though because I believe in the product and I have a strong need to stretch beyond my office and computer, and the house and garden, and MEET NEW PEOPLE. Even if they are my neighbors down the street or around the block or anywhere in the city or where I travel!

Writing can be lonely. My writing group has spread out across the continent. My children are grown.

I can start anew, try new stuff.

Sometimes new stuff is still at home learning new technologies such as digitizing photos and sorting and saving thousands of them. I’m doing this to preserve our family photographs in a form that the family can look at them and share them. Of course the wedding and graduation have spurred me to take on this vast task.

The photos themselves have brought back memories and emotions. I’m utterly surprised at the compressed timeline of the five of us growing and changing together. All aspects have shifted, from clothing styles, hair styles, cars, furniture, and the city view of Vancouver and other places we have traveled to.

img567Then there are relationship changes between mother and baby, brothers and sister, grandparents, parents and teenagers, and everything in-between.

There’s people that I’d forgotten about, relatives and friends that are no longer with us.

Lots of smiles. Lots of tears.

Family gatherings.img489

It’s been an emotional trip for me and I’ve scanned less than half of the photographs we’ve had stored away for decades. Memories can be powerful, bringing the past right back to the present.

Photos can be frustrating too, when I don’t remember the event even happening, but the proof is right there. Undeniable!

I’ve started to worry that something horrible like dementia is creeping in!

Emotions though, are writer’s best friend.

Experiencing deep emotions like sadness, joy, fear, anxiety, worry, etc. can do nothing BUT enhance the depth of one’s writing.

Do you agree?


Writing Progress: More business writing lately with my new venture. I’ve got on top of it, so can get back to fiction writing too.

Books I’m reading: lots of procedural stuff with my new business.

Treats eaten: Pumpkin pie slices (many) over the Easter holiday. Technically pumpkin is good for you. So is cinnamon.

Perspective Photos:

between houses














Happy writing!

4 thoughts on “Emotions are a writer’s best friend

  1. What a job you’ve taken on, digitizing all your family photos. I knew you were prepping photos for your daughter’s wedding, but I now see that the full scope of what you’re doing to share your family’s whole history through the years is gigantic — both emotionally and in terms of sheer work! Though we can’t live in the past, I think it gives us an important perspective when we visit it once in a while. After all, photos tell the visual story of the experiences that have made us who we are.

    It’s also really interesting how these family photo albums span different eras of image technology that have sped by through the lives of our generation. All my childhood photos (the few that there are) are black & white snapshots. Compare that to the huge trove of photos and videos taken of children today with smart phones that do it all … and then shared on social media like Facebook!

  2. Emotions are definitely important to the story, and I’m trying to bring more of them into my writing and have them make a stronger impact on the reader. 🙂

    Scanning photographs can take forever, but it is fun (and sometimes bittersweet) to think back on the events they record. And sometimes, they might just give you the idea for a character or story to write about….

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