The memorable value of writing about your personal adventures.

Karalee’s Post #110

Well, Joe’s post about Travel Writing – Why do it? and Helga’s post about Branding for Writers AND the fact that Star Wars: Episode Vll – The Force Awakens is coming this December, I feel I need to talk about my real life experience being in the exact setting where history was made in Star Wars episodes II and IV.

How did my family and I get there? And where is there?

In 2001 our family set out on an adventure.  Both my husband and I had sold our businesses and we decided to take the family overseas for one year that extended into two. We rented our house, bought a sailboat in the south of France and circumnavigated the Mediterranean Sea spanning the time of 9/11 in 2001 and the American invasion in Iraq in 2003.

The sights we saw were amazing, the experiences even more, and being the distance education “teachers” for our children was both more difficult and more awarding than ever anticipated.

photo by David Greer

photo by David Greer


Like the time when our daughter in Grade 7 was learning about Roman history and her textbook referred to  an aquaduct in Tarragona. Karma was aligned with that day as our boat was moored near Tarragona and we simply took the bus to the aqueduct and were allowed to walk across it!




Many educational opportunities arose daily, but a very memorable trip was going to the Sahara Desert in Tunisia.

photo by David Greer

photo by David Greer


To Matmata.

A city branded by Star Wars.

A city where tourists still visit in numbers to see where Star Wars was filmed.



Our family had a wonderful couple of days here. Even though our children weren’t Star Wars fans at the time, they had fun in the very unique and strange environment.

photo by David Greer

photo by David Greer



Like staying in a Troglodyte hotel. Our room was on the far left. Even though it was December and very cold at night, the thermal effect from the earth kept us nice and warm without the addition of any other heat source.




It was exciting to visit the area, hear the camels make similar noises heard in the Star Wars movies and see people walking around wearing similar clothing too! (We know where those details came from now, which makes re-watching the movies more interesting!)

photo by David Greer

photo by David Greer


And it was very cool to visit the Star Wars bar in the Sidi Driss Hotel! We stopped to have a drink, our minds wandering  and wondering what it was like with all the Star Wars characters walking around in there.



My husband, David Greer, did an awesome job writing and keeping record of our trip. Even twelve years later it is entertaining to reread about our adventure.

So thank-you Joe and Helga for helping me remember about our travels and how brands play a strong part in entertainment!

Now I need to watch all the old Star Wars movies before December. What a nice thing to look forward to.


Writing Progress: (blank for a reason)

Books I’m reading: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

Family Happenings: 

  • A celebration dinner for 30 at our house this Saturday to celebrate our middle son’s graduation from UBC.
  • continued preparation for our daughter’s wedding in July
  • planned weekend to watch our youngest son play in Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Walla Walla, Washington.
  • planning trip to help my mother and a friend plant their gardens.

Perspective Photos:















Happy Writing!












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    • Thanks Alison! Yes it was hilarious too, walking around and the sounds and people’s clothing looking right out of the movie!

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