Dust off and write

Karalee’s Post #113

Next week the 5Writer’s board a ferry to travel to the Sunshine Coast and meet in person for three days of writing. No arms full of paper files (or the electronic equivalent) to critique and prepare ahead of time.

No strict agenda.

We arrive to dust off and write. Apparently it takes about a month to change a habit or to create new ones. Joe has succeeded in doing just that this month – sticking to a routine and hitting a deadline.

It’s doable. Simple, but oh so difficult too!

Back to writing productivity means to set a consistent daily routine with a self-imposed word count or dedicated hours in the office chair, NO distractions allowed from social media or family/friends, and work diligently towards an arbitrarily set deadline for completion (unless writing to set submission deadlines).

Simple to do.

Simple not to do.

No one looks over your shoulder. No one to be accountable to except yourself. Yet everyone in the 5Writers has completed a book, some of us a few more. After all, we are writers!

And we have three days of writing with no reason not to and every reason to. Paradise really.

After all, a writer is self-discipline fueled by passion.

Do you agree?


Writing Goals: 2 scenes/day at our retreat.

Keep in mind: 

  • The Slight Edge philosophy (do a little every day consistently and over time and you will succeed) can definitely be put towards writing! Stick to a routine. Know my goals!
  • daily meditation and exercise keeps me centered and healthy
  • have gratitude
  • a positive attitude leads to more happiness

Perspective Photos:










Meeka closeup









Happy writing!



7 thoughts on “Dust off and write

    • Thanks Elizabeth. I will remember the “wise” part when I’m wondering who is where in my story and why? Like a game of Clue!! Thanks for your support too. It all helps!

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