Focus. The answer to get your writing done.

Karalee’s Post #117

paperworkI know how to organize myself. I make wonderful lists. I keep up my schedule in my calendar. I also purposely keep a few things solely in my head to challenge my intellect in the hopes that somehow I’m preventing Alzheimer’s by challenging my brain.

Yet inevitably I don’t get my list scratched off. I allow myself to repeatedly do the cardinal sin that successful people DON’T do. I do stuff that’s important alright, but I put off doing what I really don’t like to do.

It’s something that takes a lot of organizing, a lot of keeping track of everything and tallying up this and that. It’s putting everything in its proper slot, filing and recording separate entries. It’s one of the worst jobs I know of other than cleaning toilets.

The nasty is paperwork. I surmise that accountants don’t enjoy it either. Paperwork is a nine letter word that you can say fast twenty times and it still sounds like paperwork. It’s a relentless word that replicates itself like amoebas and makes scratching it off the To Do list impossible.

It’s my nemesis.

And my new business is creating a heck of a lot of new paperwork, which creates just as many reasons for me NOT to do it! And not doing it adds stress, which takes away from my ability to focus on my writing!

What am I to do? Am I a writer or not?

Well first off, if I am a writer I best think like one and get into the writers’ zone – that fictitious world that doesn’t give a damn about all the other worldly stuff that is happening regardless of one’s To Do list and paperwork that shoulda coulda be done.

I must focus in the writers’ zone to be productive, in the zone where writing is prioritized and guilt-free and there is nothing else to worry about. Period. End of.

Other stuff will wait.

Writers write despite the To Do list.


Achievements this week:

  • preparations for my daughter’s wedding are coming together including a PowerPoint slideshow
  • continued training and connecting with people in my new business
  • 1 hr/day writing. July 5th is on its way!

Keeping balance in my life: 

  • Sticking to the Slight Edge philosophy to achieve success in my new business and juggle all the busyness in my life right now.
  • Daily meditation and exercise. Focusing on gratitude keeps me in a place of peace.
  • Staying in touch with fellow 5Writers every Monday (or Tuesday) keeps us connected in our writing and in our personal lives.
  • A positive attitude keeps me happy.

Perspective Photos:

garden ornament and flowers









reading figure







Happy Writing!

3 thoughts on “Focus. The answer to get your writing done.

  1. I hear you about paperwork. The only way I can get through it with tranquility is to surrender to necessity and do it in a zen-like trance. Oddly, the most tedious jobs can be contemplative, maybe because there’s zero emotional engagement. Once I’m into it, I’m okay. The work dictates the steps and the pace – rushing it just leads to mistakes and frustration. The problem is sitting down to start. That’s the one moment will power is required!

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