Being organized gives more time to write

Karalee’s Post #119

packed for Mexico

The fact that I’m writing a post today means that I’m organized. I’m off to Mexico in the morning with eight other members/friends of the Greer family: girlfriends and boyfriends, bride, groom and Grandma.

Our daughter is getting married a week Saturday.

Did you notice the bookcase in the background of the picture! It’s the cornerstone of our master room. Not only does it  add color, it’s like a serene picture that sets a peaceful mood in the room. We are both big readers and love to be surrounded by the glory of books. I bet many older adults out there love having a bookcase full of books simply to look at too!

Now, I’m organized to the point that my emergency pack is also ready. That means safety pins, needle and thread, buttons, and scissors – just in case any wedding or bridesmaids dresses need last minute adjusting. Grandma is a great fixer-upper!

My clothes are packed, the wedding dress and shoes are ready to go (I better not forget them in the rush in the morning!), Jocelyn’s necklace and earrings are safely stowed.

Our Power Point video is ready to be downloaded on the lanyards we got customized for the guests.

With nine of us traveling together with only an hour or so to change planes in Dallas and no food served on the plane, I’ve also organized snacks to tide young adults over. No grouchy growling stomachs if a mom can avoid it. Experience!

With all of this going on this week, I’ve managed to send in my submission to my group, keep up with my new business, get our hot tub in shape, deadhead my garden and the round-about at the end of the street that I look after, and cut and freeze all the basil that’s already grown this season!

Better busy than bored I always say!


Kevin and Rosa


My son Kevin has literally just arrived off the plane from travelling in SE Asia for two months, to jump on the plane again tomorrow for his sister’s wedding. He and his girlfriend Rosa are delighted to see each other and have changed to make sure the suit Kevin had made in Thailand and Rosa’s dress compliment each other.



I will be reading not writing over the next couple of weeks. What a treat that is too.


Achievements this week:

  • Taking care of family and the house/garden
  • keeping up with my new business.
  • Moving towards making more changes in my life that need to happen to stay positive!

Keeping balance in my life: 

  • Still sticking to the Slight Edge philosophy.
  • Daily meditation and exercise. Gratitude keeps me in a place of peace. It’s been challenging at times this week.
  • Staying in touch with fellow 5Writers every week. We are there for each other.
  • I will be reading not writing over the next couple of weeks. With traveling and paying for the weight of bags, I tend to download books on my iPad. This must be a major reason in the western world that ebooks have exploded in purchases. Even five years ago I wouldn’t have thought I would download books. Now it is commonplace.

Perspective Photos:

jazz trio


PK3 Jazz Trio on July 4. Right by the water in West Vancouver. Awesome concert. Check them out!














Happy Writing!


5 thoughts on “Being organized gives more time to write

  1. Holy cow, Karalee! I don’t think I could keep up with you. In your “spare time” why don’t you write a book about how to get organized? It would be a bestseller! Good luck and love for the wedding!

    • Thanks! The weather cleared today. Explored today, resting tomorrow. Friends and family starting to gather!

    • Thanks! Went exploring today. Never been so lost and we trusted Google Maps! We forgot Lonely Planet at home. Goes to show old-fashioned paper maps work anytime!

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