What are groups of things called?

Joe’s Post #159 —

Ok, now I'm super freaked out about crows

Ok, now I’m super freaked out about crows

Ok, I’m still having nightmares about Paula’s picture on her last post so I needed to lighten it up a bit. So, in case you were ever wondering what a group of pedlars (or pedlars if you’re British) were called, or a group of finches, this post is for you. If not, well, then, ah, errr, I have a video at the end for you. Something funny.

Personally, I loved what to call a lot of wild cats.


Fun facts!

blush of boys

drunkship of cobblers

hastiness of cooks

stalk of foresters

an observance of hermits

bevy of ladies

faith of merchants

superfluity of nuns

malapertness (= impertinence) of pedlars

pity of prisoners

glozing (= fawning) of taverners


shrewdness of apes

herd or pace of asses

troop of baboons

cete of badgers

sloth of bears

swarm or drift or hive or erst of bees

flock or flight or pod of birds

herd or gang or obstinacy of buffalo

bellowing of bullfinches

drove of bullocks

an army of caterpillars

clowder or glaring of cats

herd or drove of cattle

brood or clutch or peep of chickens

chattering or clattering of choughs

rag or rake of colts

covert of coots

herd of cranes

bask of crocodiles

murder of crows

litter of cubs

herd of curlew

cowardice of curs

herd or mob of deer

pack or kennel of dogs

school of dolphins

trip of dotterel

flight or dole or piteousness of doves

raft or bunch or paddling of ducks on water

safe of ducks on land

fling of dunlins

herd or parade of elephants

gang or herd of elk

busyness of ferrets

charm or chirm of finches

shoal or run of fish

swarm or cloud of flies

skulk of foxes

gaggle of geese on land

skein or team or wedge of geese in flight

herd of giraffes

cloud of gnats

flock or herd or trip of goats

band of gorillas

pack or covey of grouse

down or mute or husk of hares

cast of hawks

siege of herons

bloat of hippopotami

drove or string or stud or team of horses

pack or cry or kennel of hounds

flight or swarm of insects

fluther or smack or jellyfish

mob or troop of kangaroos

kindle or litter of kittens

desert of lapwing

an exaltation or a bevy of larks

leap or lepe of leopards

pride or sawt of lions

tiding of magpies

sord or suit of mallard

stud of mares

richesse of martens

labour of moles

troop of monkeys

barren of mules

watch of nightingales

yoke of oxen

pandemonium of parrots

covey of partridges

muster of peacocks

muster or parcel or rookery of penguins

head or nye of pheasants

kit of pigeons flying together

litter or herd of pigs

stand or wing or congregation of plovers

rush or flight of pochards

pod or school or herd or turmoil of porpoises

covey of ptarmigan

litter of pups

bevy or drift of quail

string of racehorses

an unkindness of ravens

crash of rhinoceros

bevy of roes

parliament or building of rooks

hill of ruffs

pod or herd or rookery of seals

flock or herd or trip or mob of sheep

dopping of sheldrake

wisp or walk of snipe

host of sparrows

murmuration of starlings

flight of swallows

game of swans; a wedge of swans in the air

drift or herd or sounder of swine

spring of teal

knot of toads

hover of trout

rafter of turkeys

bale or turn of turtles

bunch or knob or raft of waterfowl

school or pod or herd or gam of whales

company or trip of wigeon

sounder of wild boar

destruction of wild cats

team of wild ducks in flight

bunch or trip or plump or knob (fewer than 30) of wildfowl

drift of wild pigs

pack or rout of wolves

fall of woodcock

descent of woodpeckers

herd of wrens

zeal of zebras


And this is how movies are made. Think of the head guy as George Lucas and you know I’m right.

Page count:  Not much over 100 pages now. I’m not proud of myself in a very big way. Non-writers have no idea of the anguish writers go through when we’re not writing.

Queries Sent:  2 back. All rejections.

Rejections:  See above. It sapped my morale.

Blogs Written Since Last Post:  2 (not a lot new at Just A Stepdad.)

Exercise:  None. When I have a failed week, I go all out and fail at everything.

Movies Seen: Rocky III and Rocky IV. We’re on a binge so we can see Creed, which is apparently a pretty good movie. Unlike Rocky IV to VI. See Monte Python Video to understand how this happened.

4 thoughts on “What are groups of things called?

  1. I love group names! So British, what? It’s hard to explain why these group names are so thoroughly delightful and addictive. I have to say my personal faves (in addition to the wonderful destruction of wild cats, murder of crows, and exultation of larks) are: a glaring of cats, a bloat of hippopotami, a fluther of jellyfish (ugh, I can just feel one touching my bare foot underwater), a pandemonium of parrots and a crash of rhinoceros. A cackle of geese and a kindle of kittens are pretty sweet too.

    It made me wonder what to call a group of writers, and I’m not the first to think of this. My google search turned up these reader responses to a blogger’s call for suggestions …

    a scribble
    a sentence
    an oxymoron
    a waggle
    a wit
    a paragraph
    a pen
    an inkwell
    a cramp
    a qwert
    a composition
    a binge
    a frenzy
    a quill
    a story
    an expression
    a stable
    a scratch
    a scribe

    and my favourite:
    a procrastination

    • And of course, a procrastination of writers in your favourite. If I had back the hour I just spent writing relies to comments on the blog, I could have had 1000 words down. Come to think of it. Bet I did write 1000 words, – just not on the novel. (Sigh) Aye, there’s the rub!

  2. Ha Ha, Joe, a perfect change up from my somber (downer?) post of Tuesday. I have a brilliant idea: why don’t we do a mystery ‘series’ where each book in the series is an animal on your list (perhaps other than “A Murder of Crows” which has already been done. Maybe even overdone? But a Kindle of Kittens? Bring it on! We could all, individually and collectively work on a different book in the series using the same cast of characters. Now how’s that for a wacky 5writers group project! (Twist my arm and they could even be short stories!)

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