Achievements of a writer – reflections of my 100th blog post

Karalee’s Post #100


Ha! This is my one hundredth post since the birth of the 5Writer’s blog in September 2012. It’s a milestone that in essence describes what writers really are:






1. We are counters.

  • Word counters: To date our 5Writer’s group has written 577 blog posts. Based on a low estimate of 750 words/blog, this equates to 432,750 words, which further equates to the length of 5 novels of 86,500 words each! Go 5Writers!
  • Writers also are notorious for setting daily word counts for productivity such as 500 words/day. Based on that we’ve been writing this blog for 865.5 days.
  • Writing is a lonely business and setting word count goals provide incentive to keep going as well as having a timeline to a finished product. We all need goals!

2. We are organized.

  • All writers have to have some sort of organization that works for them. Some of us use outlines, others use mind mapping, while others jot down ideas before starting a manuscript and keep side notes for ideas, characters, settings, etc. as they go along. Even the very few that can keep everything in their heads as they write have an amazing internal skill to keep their stories and characters organized within.

3. We are creative.

  • All writers have creative skills. Imagination fuels our intellect and opens doors to our stories that our life experiences enhance with added color and flare. The basis though, is an amazing creative mind.

4. We have drive.

  • To go from an inkling of an idea to a finished manuscript, all writers that get to The End have the willpower and drive to get there.
  • Blog post #100 is a great achievement too!

If you are a writer, do you keep count and are you organized, creative, and driven? I am–I just wrote my 100th blog post!

Happy Writing!