Traitorous doubts

(Or How To Lose A Day of Writing)

Joe’s Post #8 — 

Number of pages written to date: 125

Number of movies seen: 1 (Flight)

Number of pages I should have written today: 10

Number of pages written today: 0 (reason below)

Pies eaten: 0

This week: I could see it coming.  A wall.  A big one.  Thick and tall and very, very wide.  I tried to ignore it, but the faster I went, the farther down the road I sped, the larger it loomed.  I spun the wheel, braked, swerved, then wham, bang, crash, clink, clink, clink.

I’d hit a wall.

AKA: writer’s block.

How did I hit it?

One simple question.

Had I made the right POV choice?

Oddly, it was something the other writers have written about this week.  YA, like most genres, has rules.  One of them is that it should, but doesn’t have to be, written in 1st person.

It’s actually a style I’m quite comfortable with, but one I didn’t choose for this book.  Why?  I have three stories to tell and two of them would get left out if I went only with 1st person POV.

But then the idea of 1st person POV wormed its way into my head like some sort of vile maggot.  Now I know there is a ton of dead tissue up there for the thing to feed upon because as the day wore on, the more I tried to get back to 3rd person POV, the more the maggot of doubt grew.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are books out there that use 3rd person POV.  Harry Potter, for goodness sake.  Wings.  The Inheritance Cycle.  So maybe I’m just bugging on this too much, but like it or not, that doubt ate at me all day.

Maybe it’s part of the process.  Maybe there are some days where I need to question my choices, to reinforce the decisions or reverse them.  But I hate that doubt.  Hate it!

Hopefull, by tomorrow, I will have resolved the issue one way or the other, but today, oh man, today, I lost a day of writing because of a single nasty bit of doubt.