Seven words that say it all

Karalee’s Post #43

I’ve taken the last few weeks off and it has been a family summer to remember. It’s been five years since I went to our family reunion on my mother’s side and once again I was reminded of why I left home. I’ve matured and moved on compared to many of my cousins, but I can also see where many of my own flaws come from. I had to laugh since I realized I was watching my family like reading a  book and analyzing how the author developed the story.

ice-cream maker



And some things are nostalgic, like making homemade ice-cream from an original ice-cream maker and my brother encouraging me to ride a motorbike like I used to in the country. karalee on motorbike








Back in Vancouver I swam in the Kitsilano pool for the first time. It’s 137 meters long and has the most spectacular back-drop imaginable. Kit's pool







And a tire  blow-out brought me back to the reality of how life can change in an instant and how lucky I was to steer safely to the roadside where good Samaritans had my spare tire on within 15 minutes! Thank-you! 

tire blow-out









I’m also very fortunate to be able to spend time with my three children that are now young adults and finding their way in life. I’m proud of them and applaud their independence. 

  • my youngest son got accepted at UBC in the Sauder’s Business School with a major in Computer Science
  • my daughter bought her first apartment and got engaged (I forgot to take a photo. Too excited for her!)
  • my youngest son is playing in the junior finals in the Canadian National Ultimate Frisbee tournament tonight.

Allen Ulti 2013


  • Two weeks ago my oldest son played on Team Canada in the World Ultimate tournament

Kevin in Worlds 2013



And in case you are wondering where my title came from,  Seven words that say it all, Team Canada came second to the U.S., and when I asked my son how he was really doing after the game, he said:

“My knee hurts and my heart hurts.”

It brought tears to my eyes.

Seven poignant words that evoked great emotion. Now that’s how I’d like to write.