One word at a time

Karalee’s Post #114

Paula's 7Imagine life with no responsibilities except to write! Sleep, write, eat, write, eat, write, sleep….. You get the idea.


One word at a time. Before you know it, a whole scene has been written! And scenes lead to chapters…

There’s breaks for a bit of dog walking to keep the circulation going, a bit of standing to prepare meals, and the occasional stretching of one’s arms.

The rest of the time is for – writing.

I admit it’s a bit weird to have our group together so quietly, at times all in the same room. There’s an occasional laugh or gesturing as one of us reacts to something going on in our imagination that seems “real” and “is happening” in our story. It’s fun to watch really. It’s also enlightening that others do it too, that I’m not crazy after all. My fellow writers are normal too!

It’s also odd that we are together and not critiquing. Not even 30 pages each, nonetheless a whole 250 or so page book, a book a day for 5 days like we pushed to do at our Whistler retreat! Now that was WORK!!

Oh, we’re spending a few minutes talking about our openings, how we are outlining with purpose, discussing how we mind map, or how we are working on character development through backstory to understand at a visceral level how a main character thinks and reacts. But on the whole we are, well, writing!









Paula's 3

Paula's 5








The dog may be bored. But hey, a dog can’t write!










Writing Goals: study mind map in detail again, write 2 scenes a day (or rewrite)

Keep in mind: 

  • One word at a time will become a scene, then a chapter, and eventually a completed book. Stick to the Slight Edge philosophy.
  • daily meditation and exercise keeps me centered and healthy.
  • our retreat is amazing, our group is amazing.
  • a positive attitude leads to more happiness.

Perspective Photos:



















Today I am happily writing! Are you?