How come

Joe Update #12

thinkingHow come it’s always more exciting for me to think about the next project than that one I’m working on?

How come I write better with coffee than without?

How come I forget things that I’ve already written? (this week, I forgot a character in a scene, yup, completely forgot about her.)

How come I’ve become hyper critical of the writing in movies and books? I mean, what happened to just enjoying it and not being driven mad by poor character development or backstory in the wrong place?

How come I still get lead and led mixed up?

How come I love reading books more than watching TV?

How come there are 2 ways of counting words, the word count on WORD or the 250 words per page way of counting?

How come George Lucas is a zillionaire when he created Jar-Jar Binks?

How come I can’t write at all when I’m partially drunk? Hey, Hemingway did it, why can’t I?

How come I have panic attacks each time I send out a query?

romanceHow come I have an easier time writing action than romance? Is that a guy thing?

How come all the romance heroes have chests like this picture?

How come if I write 6 pages in a day, I feel down on myself, but if I write 10, I’m all whoohoo? The difference is only 4 pages!

How come I edit better when I print something out than when I look at it on the screen?

How come I love it so much when someone has actually read something I wrote? Am I really such a narcissist?


Pages to date: 250

Bottles of wine drunk: 1

Books finished this week: 1 (others’, not mine)

Number of christmas presents bought: 0

Number of queries sent out this week: 1